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School of Music, Art & Design


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The School of Music, Art & Design offers studies in two fields, namely, music and the visual arts.

The school has a long and proud history, and has its roots in the country's oldest art school, the PE Art School founded in 1882. Prospective students can choose from a comprehensive range of programmes, from introductory level certificate courses right up to doctoral studies. In all of the programmes on offer, students receive individual tuition from highly skilled staff who are active practitioners in their fields.

Over the years students from the school have been award winners in a wide range of top national and international music, fine art, design and photography competitions. Our graduates have gone on to make valuable cultural contributions in their fields.

The School of Music, Art and Design encompasses the following departments :

  1. Music
  2. Art & Design 
  3. Introductory Studies
  4. Studio Arts
  5. Applied Design  

Music, is housed on South Campus and offers a wide variety of courses, from Western classical music to jazz and music technology. The programmes are modularized with flexible entry and exit levels, and articulation possibilities with other universities and examining bodies such as UNISA, Trinity College and the Royal Schools of Music.

Introductory Studies, the gateway to most of the courses in the Visual Arts at NMMU, is located on the North Campus.

Introductory Studies is a compulsory first year programme for students wishing to major in:

  • Studio Arts (Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Stained Glass)
  • Applied Design (Graphic Design, Photography, Textile Design) - excluding Fashion Design

Students wishing to enrol in the Fashion Design programme are currently not required to complete the Introductory Studies programme, but may do so if they wish.

Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Graphic Design, Photography, are located on the North Campus. Ceramics, Fashion and Textile design are housed on the 2nd Avenue Campus.

Follow the links to navigate to the departments listed above, in order to find out more about the programmes and courses they offer.